FiTech Fuel Injection

FiTech Fuel Injection


Gas Tank Return Line Bung Kit, For Fuel Injection

 A fuel return line is must when adding EFI to your classic car or truck. We made it easy for you. No welding required.


FiTech In-Line Fuel Pump, 255 LPH

255LPH in-line Fitech fuel pump


FiTech In-Line Frame Mount EFI Fuel Delivery Kit

Good for up to 600hp, this kit get the fuel delivered


O2 Oxygen Sensor Header Bung Kit - Fitech

Clean easy way to add a O2 Oxygen sensor bung to your headers for your EFI system.


Cone Style 92mm Throttle Body Air Filter, FiTech

Finish off your 92mm throttle body with a FiTech high flow air cleaner.


FiTech Go Street EFI Fuel Injection System, 400HP

Fitech Go Street EFI 400HP fuel injection throttle body conversion.

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Fuel Pressure Regulator with Single or Dual Outputs and Gauge

Single or Dual outlet fuel pressure regulators allow you to precisely set the fuel pressure of your EFI system to achieve the best performance. 


FiTech Go EFI Fuel Injection System, 600HP, Matte Black

Hot New Kit. Fitech Go EFI 600HP fuel injection throttle body conversion.


FiTech Fuel Injection Go-Spark Ignition Coils

FiTech Go-Spark ignition coils will help complete your LS EFI swap or even update your modern muscle car


FiTech Easy Street 600hp System - 30005

FiTech Fuel Injection is rounding out the street line with the all new Easy Street 600hp system.

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FiTech Go EFI Power Adder 600hp System - 30004

The Go EFI Power Adder 600HP Kit is for the enthusiast that demands more from his system.

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FiTech Fuel Force Fuel System

Feed your EFI with the new FiTech Force Fuel delivery system


FiTech EFI has a complete line of bolt on throttle body EFI systems and fuel delivery systems for your classic vehicle. FiTech systems are designed to deliver the most bang for the buck. So if you have a moderate horsepower cruiser or a supercharged monster and looking to ditch your carburetor, then FiTech EFI has a throttle body EFI unit for you and your build.