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Performance Online (POL) was established in 2002 in a garage with just $500. Performance Online (POL) has since become a leading source for steering, brakes, suspension and chassis parts for classic cars and trucks. Please have a look at our mobile friendly website for all of your performance parts needs. Use the menu to the left to navigate our easy to use website. 


1947-59 Chevy/GMC Truck Power Steering Conversion Bracket Kit

Power steering bracket kit for 47-55 & 55-59 Chevy & GMC 3100 pick ups.

1963-72 Chevy C10 Truck Billet Carrier Bearing with Polyurethane insolator

Driveshaft Carrier Bearing available for 1963-72 Chevy C10, C20 truck and 1958-64 Chevy Impala.

1947-59 Chevy Truck Disc Brake Conversion Kit, 5-lug
Convert your classic truck to 5-lug disc brakes. Available for 1947-59 Chevy and GMC 3100 trucks. Works with original staright axle.
Stock Height Disc Brake Spindles, 1967-69 Camaro, Firebird

New Item!  Stock height spindles for disc brake conversions.  1967-69 Chevy Camaro or Pontiac Firebird

1965-72 Chevy C10 Deluxe Panhard Bar, Adjustable

Deluxe trac bar fits 1965-72 Chevy C10 trucks with rear coil spring suspension. Fully adjustable

1955-1957 Chevy Belair Tubular Transmission Crossmember

Deluxe tubular transmission cross member works perfect on 1955-57 Chevy Belair

Disc Brake Hose Set, Front and Rear, Stainless Steel

Upgrade your disc brake hoses to stainless steel available for 7/16" and 10mm Banjo bolts.

1949-54 Chevy Belair Disc Brake Conversion Bracket Kit

Working on a budget?  This is the easiest and least expensive way to add disc brakes to your classic Chevy.

1960-72 Chevy C10, C20 Truck Billet Aluminum Coil Spring Retainer Kit

Rear coil spring retainers for 1960-72 Chevy C10, C20 and Suburbans.

1963-72 Chevy Truck and GMC Truck C-Notch Kit

C-Notch kits available for 63-72 Chevy C10 coil spring trucks. Allows for more axle clearance on lowered trucks.


Help your vehicle handle better by adding a high performance sway bar. Available for 1955-57 Chevy Belair full size car. BLACK POWDER COATED

1955-57 Chevy Belair, Nomad Front Performance Sway Bar Kit

Help your vehicle handle better by adding a high performance sway bar. Fits 1955-57 Chevy Belair and Nomad.