Proportioning Valve Bleed Tool

Proportioning Valve Bleed Tool
Part # PVBT
Weight 1.00 lbs
Our price: $10.40

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CA Prop 65 Warning - cancer and reproductive harm

Proportioning Valve Bleed Tool is designed to replace the warning light switch (white plug) on the proportioning valve during the brake bleeding process. After the bleeding process is finished, simply remove our PVBT Tool and reinstall the warning light switch. This item makes bleeding your brake system much easier. Works with all popular non adjustable GM style combination valves. Will also work on AC Delco 172-1353, 172-1371 and many other GM proportioning-combination valves.

Tool is designed to lock the low pressure shut valve to allow fast and easy brake system bleeding. No need to constantly remove low pressure switch and center the low pressure valve during the brake bleeding process.