Rear Suspension


1973-91 Chevy and GMC C30 Truck Hanger and Shackle Kit, 3" - 4" Drop

Hanger and Shackle Kits for use on all Chevy C30 Trucks years 1973-91. Adjustable 3" or 4" Drop.


1973-91 Chevy and GMC C30 Truck Rear Leaf Spring Hanger Kit, 1" - 2" Drop

Leaf Spring Hanger Kit for use on all 1973-91 Chevy & GMC C30 Trucks. 1" - 2" drop


1973-91 Chevy C30 and C3500 Truck Rear Flip Kit, 8" drop

Rear Flip Kits for Chevy C30 / C3500 Trucks. Massive 8 " drop


1973-91 Chevy C30 Truck Rear Lowered Leaf Springs

Rear lowered leaf springs fit 1973-91 Chevy and GMC C30 Trucks. Available in 4” drop height.


1973-91 Chevy, GMC C30 Truck Rear Axle Flip and C-Notch Kit

Rear suspension flip kit & c-notch fits 1973-91 Chevy and GMC C30 truck. Lowers rear of truck 8"


73-91 Chevy / GMC C30 1-Ton C-Notch Kit

C-Notch for GM C30 1 Ton Trucks. For use on model years '73-'91.


1973-91 Chevy C30 and GMC C30 Truck DS-2 Shock, Rear

The DS-2 High Performance Shock is a nitrogen pressurized shock with high performance valving, a hardened chrome piston rod, low friction teflon seals, guide bushings, and OEM style mounting bushings.


Pinion Shim Kit
Pinion Shim Kit for Chevy C30 Trucks

1/2" Tall Universal Bump Stop

Universal 1/2" Tall Universal Bump Stop


1 5/8" Tall Cone Shaped Bump Stop

Universal 1 5/8" Tall Cone Shaped Bump Stop